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New Team At Violin Memory Playing Flashier Microsoft Music

(Excerpt from original post on the Taneja Group News Blog)

Recently we caught up with Violin Memory and they are full of energetic plans to capitalize on their high performance flash arrays, elevating their game from a focus on bringing …

Stop counting megabytes; it’s all about application-aware storage now

An IT industry analyst article published by SearchStorage.

Raw capacity numbers are becoming less useful as deduplication, compression and application-aware storage provide more value than sheer capacity.

Whether clay pots, wooden barrels or storage arrays, vendors have always touted how …

5 Ways Storage Is Evolving

An IT industry analyst article published by Virtualization Review.

Be sure to take advantage of these storage industry trends.

article_5-ways-storage-is-evolvingWith its acquisition of Virsto, VMware certainly understands storage as usual doesn’t cut it when it comes to …

MRAM technology likely choice as post-flash solid-state storage

An IT industry analyst article published by SearchSolidStateStorage.

NAND flash-based storage is becoming a common alternative, but NAND flash could soon be replaced by newer forms of non-volatile memory like MRAM technology.

article_MRAM-technology-likely-choice-as-post-flash-solid-state-storageFlash storage is everywhere these days. It’s hard …

Excuse me, but I think your cache is showing…

(Excerpt from original post on the Taneja Group News Blog)

Everybody these days is adding flash-based SSD to their storage arrays.  Some are offering all flash storage for ultra-high performance.  And a few are popping flash storage right into the …