Excuse me, but I think your cache is showing…

Excuse me, but I think your cache is showing…

(Excerpt from original post on the Taneja Group News Blog)

Everybody these days is adding flash-based SSD to their storage arrays.  Some are offering all flash storage for ultra-high performance.  And a few are popping flash storage right into the server as a very large, persistent cache.  But taking advantage of flash in these ways requires either hardware refresh or significant service disruption – or both.

GridIron offers a drop-in, non-disruptive way to immediately super-charge existing infrastructure. Their TurboCharger appliances logically plug into the middle of the SAN fabric where they can be installed (and removed) non-disruptively by taking advantage of I/O multi-pathing.  Once installed, they jump in to the data path as a virtual LUN fronting the real LUN on the back-end, providing a massive amount of SSD write-through cache that automatically adjusts to multiple workloads.  Because it’s in the SAN, TurboCharger can virtually “front” any underlying storage – even storage that is in turn further virtualized.

GridIron customers have generally faced serious data access challenges with large databases and in consolidated and virtualized environments that benefit from read-intensive IO acceleration. GridIron is now expanding its product line to help accelerate structured and unstructured “big data” access.   The OneAppliance all-Flash product line includes the FlashCube for offloading temp, log, and scratch space write-intensive workloads, and an iNode that combines massive flash and compute together for building high-performance compute clusters.

GridIron is clearly differentiating from other flash solutions in its direct and practical approach to bringing the power of flash to bear directly on the extreme data access and movement problems with big data. 

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