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Tech Top 6 – Final Episode – Good Luck Warren!

We are here? At the end of the line? This is the last episode of the IT Weekly Newsletter TT6? Yep, Warren is retiring. Actually retiring this time. Or so he says. How old is he really? Listen and find …

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New Research – 2022-23 TOP 5 Storage for Life Sciences

This week our first DCIG TOP 5 report has been published! You can read the overview from the report here 2022-2023 DCIG TOP 5 Storage for Life Sciences. Note that this report does not purport to explicitly rank or …

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Tech Top 6 – Panic Monster Says Listen To This Now

And unusually, Fun Monkey agrees! This week, Warren and I cogitate verbally about these top hype-free IT tech articles:

  • Security Talent Loss – It’s Not All About the Benjamins
  • New Project Management – Remote PM Skills
  • Dark Data – Shining

5 trends driving the big data evolution

An IT industry analyst article published by SearchDataManagement.

The speedy evolution of big data technologies is connected to five trends, including practical applications of machine learning and cheap, abundantly available compute resources.

Mike Matchett
Small World Big Data

I’ve long …

Big data processing could be the way all data is processed

An IT industry analyst article published by SearchITOperations.

Some organizations take their time with new technologies to let first adopters suffer the growing pains. But there’s no treading water in the big data stream; the current won’t wait.

Mike Matchett…

How to make big data self-service for your users

Notable Quote: (Kelly Stirman of Dremio): “Companies have huge, huge amounts of data, but it’s spread across many different systems, and it seems like, for decades, the answer to the problem was, “Hey, just move all your data into a …