Market Research

Intelligence Is A Smart Investment

Knowledge is Power” – The power to take informed, decisive action. Timely, accurate and incisive market research puts you in charge, uncovers opportuntity and creates competitive advantage.

Small World Big Data Research


Perceive actual market trends, customer behavior and prospect buying preferences. Small World Big Data goes deep by analyzing crosstabs (pivots) across all questions in our surveys.


Make on-target decisions in marketing, product management, sales strategy, business development and M&A. We run large enough surveys to subset, filter and drill results down to segments that really matter.


Avoid vendors that produce one flashy stat, data-sparse charts or barely related answers to your important questions. Small World Big Data conducts cohesive survey design up front to get the right data.


A late decision can be the same as not really playing at all. You deserve great, crisp intelligence at decision-making time. Small World Big Data is quick, agile, and fanatic about quality research.

Focus of Research Engagements

From Questions to Answers

Small World Big Data conducts two main types of focused research projects for our clients – custom competitive studies and larger multi-client studies on hot topics. In addition, we regularly publish our own analyst-driven research because we always want to know what’s going on.  

All Small World Big Data research can be leveraged for lead-gen webinars, leadership papers, awareness articles and infographics.


What you need to know. When it really matters. Highly focused (25q, n=150+) surveys to a targeted audience with deep dive analysis.


Stay abreast of trending and emerging topics. Top to bottom market surveys (30+q, n=350+) includes sponsor interests.


Market sizing/interest focused research. Build a foundation for market entry or segment creation, M&A or buy/build/make decisions. 


Fun, quick research survey panels in conjunction with webinar event programs to produce engaging marketing content.

Multi-Client Research

Work From Home / Work From Anywhere

Primary Research Study on the impact of employee trends to work-from-home/work-from-anywhere on organizational IT. 

We conducted both quantitative and qualitatitive research to obtain in-depth insights into how IT is adapting technologies, practices and policies to successfully support WFH/WFA.

Areas of Focus –

New Models of Work

Who are the new decision-makers driving IT decisions? What are the likely long-term employee/ecosystem business models? What will future “hybrid” workers demand?

Work At Home IT Needs

What will planned/future work at home require of IT? Expected impacts on infrastructure/support – staff, budget, oversight? How plans and what solutions will balance cost v productivity?

Remote Security & Data Protection

Longer term remote security capabilities, standards and practices? Differences and dependencies? Plans to meet remote data privacy challenges and future compliance requirements?

Computing and Storage Approaches

Laptops v.s. EUC solutions? Longer term support for knowledge workers, hybrid workers, power users? Upgrades to collaboration, data storage, access to key corporate apps?  SaaS and new tech like IT AI/ML ops, 5G and edge/data analytics?

Risks, Opportunities and Metrics

For the IT decision-maker, what are the perceived greatest risks? Opportunities and benefits? Current plans and measures of success?  How will they make their best decisions?