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Tech Top 6 – BONUS – Data Literacy: Author and CEO Piyanka Jain of Aryng

This week we in lieu of our regular episode we are proud to present our full 1:1 (well, 2:1) interview with guest article author Piyanka Jain. In the last Tech Top 6 episode we covered her tech article on how to encourage and grow data literacy across your organization. You can spend a lot of IT and data science effort on data collection, cleansing, publication, protection, governance and security, but if people don’t know how to use that data (or use it wisely) that’s all for naught!

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Tech Top 6 – IT Is ALL About Data – Privacy to Literacy w/guest Piyanka Jain CEO of Aryng

The IT Weekly Newsletter is one of the best deals for IT professionals available – it’s FREE! Join Small World Big Data’s famous IT industry analyst Mike Matchett for a great overview of the best six tech articles curated this week into the IT Weekly Newsletter with the chief editor Warren Avery himself! Plus we have a great guest author today – Priyanka Jain, CEO of Aryng. Priyanka wrote the book on data-driven decision making and offers great insight about enhancing Corporate Data Literacy.

  • Data Literacy – There’s no point to good data if you aren’t using it
  • RPA and BPM – Don’t automate crappy processes!
  • Rules For Quitting – Did you know there were rules?
  • Types of Malware – Know thy enemy, or at least be able to list them
  • Cloud Complexity v.s. Risk – It gets riskier as it gets more complexinated…
  • Privacy Beyond Consent – Permission soon won’t even be the half of it

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Tech Top 6 – Outcomes Not Outputs & Hiring Vets For CyberSec

Warren and Mike dance through the six newest hand-selected hype-free technical articles from all around the IT world. Did you ever stop to think that using the cloud is like a gym membership, magazines or the cable bill? Subscriptions seem like a good idea until a couple years in and you wonder where all your money is going every month.

  • IT Measurement Mistakes – Measure outcomes, not output!
  • Essential Data Science Skills – Hard, Medium and Soft
  • Cost-Saving Cloud Optimization – But can you optimize cloud?
  • Creative IT Auditing – Auditing as a power for good
  • Hidden Automation Risks – Automating bad stuff goes worse quicker
  • Vets For Cyber Jobs – Ain’t nobody better to fight bad guys

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Market Research – Upcoming Topics

We host free kickoff and summary online events for every research track.  Our research efforts include targeted vendor interviews, an “IT pro” survey and a thorough report on key findings and recommendations.

Working From Anywhere

Working from Home (WFH) for some becomes Working From Anywhere (WFA) for most. How can IT best cope?

The Data Center Lives On

The IT Data Center still hosts and protects mission-critical apps and data.  It’s also a key integration point between edges, clouds, services, and global users. What’s in store next for Data Centers?

Fighting Shadow IT

Shadow IT threatens GRC (governance, compliance, risk) and corporate integrity. It increases cost and risk. How can IT best identify and address Shadow IT?

Bigger Data Unchained

Data lakes, edge computing, seamless object archives from tape to cloud. Data is everywhere – how can IT best serve out access and enhance leverage of a companies bigger data assets?

New Frontiers In Handling Hot Data

Great leaps in performance like emerging NVMEoF, new memory class storage and soon computational storage are coming along. But also potentially huge changes in how computing is done. Is IT ready?

Controlling Clouds, Cloud Controls??

Cloud accelerated in 2020, so did IT challenges with hybrid/multi cloud use, data protection and SaaS management. Cloud-based management services also proliferated, easing IT across on-prem and cloud. Is cloud still the winning bet?

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