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Back To The Future: VMAX or vSAN MAX?

Anyone else confused by VMware calling their new disaggregated storage vSAN MAX? This could be seen as a homage, an indiscretion, or a shot across the bow. Should storage folks laugh or cry?

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Private AI, We Salute You!

VMware made the case this morning that data privacy is the big obstacle in the way of enterprises leveraging generative AI…If “private AI” is so important …why is VMware at the same time touting new genAI solutions for AIops that must be trained with non-private aggregated data?

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The Better Apple In My Eye? – VR, AR or Digital Twin

With their new Vision Pro goggles offering, has Apple placed a too large bet in the consumer Augmented Reality (AR) space? Is there a really a consumer market for AR and/or can they make this one happen?

First, let’s talk about AR. We see some big differences between AR and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions…

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Working From Anywhere

Working from Home (WFH) for some became Working From Anywhere (WFA) for most. How can IT best cope?

The Data Center Lives On

The IT Data Center still hosts and protects mission-critical apps and data.  It’s also a key integration point between edges, clouds, services, and global users. What’s in store next for Data Centers?

Fighting Shadow IT

Shadow IT threatens GRC (governance, compliance, risk) and corporate integrity. It increases cost and risk. How can IT best identify and address Shadow IT?

Bigger Data Unchained

Distributed streaming data, edge computing, seamless object archives from tape to cloud. Data is everywhere – how can IT best serve out access and enhance leverage of a companies bigger data assets?

New Frontiers In Handling Hot Data

Great leaps in performance like emerging network and storage offload cards, memory class storage and computational storage are coming along. But also potentially huge changes in how computing is done. Is IT ready?

Controlling Clouds, Cloud Controls??

Cloud adoption accelerated last year, so did IT challenges with hybrid/multi cloud use, data protection and SaaS management. Cloud-based management services also proliferated, easing IT across on-prem and cloud. Is cloud still the winning bet?

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