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Tech Top 6 – Bad Tech and Biometrics

What a year so far! So many challenges, yet IT stuff keeps rolling along. Glad you are here to let Warren and I help you keep up! Every week Warren brings along six hand-curated articles from his hand-curated IT Weekly …

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Tech Top 6 – Gifting Anyone (Flawed) Connected Devices for the Holidays?

Hey TT6 Fans! Great episode this week with some of the best (no worst) IT best practices for your amusement (or chagrin). Come join Warren and I as we review this week’s Technical Top 6 articles as curated by the …

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Tech Top 6 – BONUS – NO SAFE HARBOR: Author Mark Sangster on Cybersecurity Crime

Our excellent full interview with Mark Sangster, VP Industry Security Strategies at eSentire, about the latest goings on with ransomware and phishing hackers and his new book No Safe Harbor (free ebook version here). Yes, now you can get …

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Tech Top 6 – Disaster Recovery OR Risk Resilience? Plus Ransomware with Mark Sangster

Small World Big Data’s Mike Matchett and ITWN’s Warren Avery present six new hand-selected hype-free technical articles from all around the IT world. This week Warren and Mike interview another great guest author – Mark Sangster about Ransomware. Mark’s got …

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Tech Top 6 – Bad Alexa, Drop That Data Right Now

Mind your patches – it’s a security week! Warren and I look at this week’s half dozen best how-to and why-for IT tech articles:

  • Bluetooth Flaw – Another Hackable Hole
  • Threats Within – Have We Mentioned Zero Trust?
  • 99 Ransomware
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Tech Top 6 – Bye Bye Flash, Hello Business Continuity

Our first published episode! This week’s best of the best hype-free technical articles from IT Weekly Newsletter:

  • Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) v.s. Business Continuity Plans (BCP)
  • Ransomware Defenses
  • Security & DevOps
  • Security for Cloud Migration
  • Flash Player Demise
  • Data Science