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We love analyzing emerging IT technologies to educate and advise IT professionals!

Where did our name come from?  Small World implies connectedness, deriving from the theory that we all live within a relatively small ecosystem tied together through a complex web of relationships (e.g. “six-degrees of separation”). And our information age produces really Big Data – all kinds of data about us and about our world – with increasing data streams generated every day.

What motivates us?  IT was already challenging, but now we need new kinds of AI/Machine learning to mine and exploit our big data. We have to leverage global distributed data services (e.g. cloud, IoT) to store and process it all. And we absolutely require better, faster AND more cost-effective data management and governance (protection, privacy and security) to make sure we don’t mess everything up.

Our small world of big data is both complex and fascinating. Ultimately it’s why we are here dedicated to helping IT professionals navigate forward!

Mike Matchett  
Principal Analyst

Mike has been writing and publishing expert IT industry analysis and nuanced market-focused opinions, articles and technology reports for over 15 years. In addition to being widely quoted, you can find his written thoughts in publications like SearchStorage, SearchDatacenter, Virtualization Review, InfoStor and Enterprise Systems Journal.

At Small World Big Data, Mike has brought old-school (deep but stodgy) IT industry analysis to modern rich media channels. He actively hosts, produces and publishes his dynamic and enaging analyst content in video and podcasts for enhanced audience engagement, understanding and impact. Small World Big Data productions include 1:1 exective and technical vendor interviews, customer use cases, solution reviews and demos, partner showcases, competitive reviews, industry panels and much more. 

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Mike founded Small World Big Data and currently serves as the Principal Analyst. He brings over 30+ years of high-tech marketing and product management experience, including 15+ years as an IT Analyst with Taneja Group and Research Consultant at TechTarget.

Mike loves to analyze emerging markets across data center, cloud, and big data segments, predicting that all data will become big, all clouds hybrid, and the data center re-imagined from center to edge.

Published Content

At Small World Big Data, Mike has recorded and posted over 200 video interviews with leading IT experts and executives. Mike also hosts the popular TechTop6 podcast for IT Weekly Newsletter, and the Truth in Data Protection/Storage/End User Computing video events for TruthInIT.com.

Mike describes his interview approach as “expert-guided hosting” which helps his guests feel comfortable while keeping them on-message and relevant to fully engage with the audience.

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Formerly a US Air Force Intelligence Officer (and base Special Security Officer), Mike has also been a Network Engineer, Product Manager, Product Marketer, Solution Marketer, expert UNIX® Performance Consultant, startup CTO and chief programmer (RoR!).

Mike consults easily with technical teams, marketing groups and business executives from emerging startups to the largest enterprise IT vendors.

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