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Equalum: Tier 1 Change Data Capture

Guy Eilon, CEO with Equalum, sat down with Mike Matchett, Analyst with Small World Big Data, to discuss the importance of CDC achieving real-time data movement, the value of a Tier 1 solution, and how they are delivering their technologies …

Aunalytics: Automating the Patching Process

Steven Burdick, VP – Sales, Cloud & Managed Services, and Mike Matchett, Analyst with Small World Big Data, talk about the challenges of keeping up with patching and keeping everything current in a growing IT environment today.

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Imply: Empowering Developers in Apache Druid

Developers are being charged more and more with driving the analytics initiatives within their companies because they are building analytic applications. Imply offers a cloud service solution giving the developer all the speed of Druid without concern …

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CyberFortress: People, Process and Products Making the Difference

CyberFortress is a backup and data recovery-as-a-service company that delivers with their people, their processes, and the right portfolio of products for each individual customer.

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Cosmonic: Build Your Apps Quickly and Easily Distribute Them At-Scale

Cosmonic is a distributed application platform compatible with Kubernetes and container-based systems. Cosmonic builds your functions and services in any language you want and runs them securely with WebAssembly, allowing you to migrate the application…

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NeuroBlade: Cloud-Native Real-Time Data Platform

The HEQS appliance is the industry’s first processor designed for optimal query performance. It leverages underlying storage systems, accelerates data movement, and can handle multiple queries, users, and companies. The NeuroBlade solution is a cloud-n…

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