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Small World Big Data analyst Mike Matchett chats with Warren Avery, chief editor and publisher of IT Weekly Newsletter about Warren’s latest “top 6” tech articles selected from the always-free IT Weekly Newsletter. Each week the newsletter highlights 60-80 hype-free technology articles in over 40 categories hand-curated from 500+ reputable publications. Listen to two seasoned IT pros checking out the best of the best IT technology “how and why ”! Often entertaining, always enlightening.

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Tech Top 6
Tech Top 6
Mike Matchett and Warren Avery

IT Industry Analyst Mike Matchett reviews the Top 6 hype-free IT technology articles from IT Weekly Newsletter with Chief Editor Warren Avery. Always interesting, often entertaining!

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Tech Top 6 – Final Episode – Good Luck Warren!

We are here? At the end of the line? This is the last episode of the IT Weekly Newsletter TT6? Yep, Warren is retiring. Actually retiring this time. Or so he says. How old is he really? Listen and find out!

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Tech Top 6 – Privacy Invaders and Monorepos

What’s that? This is the last regular episode of TT6? Warren and I are at it one last time reviewing the best six of the week’s top curated IT articles.

This week we bandy about:

  • Contract Lifecycles – The ending really matters
  • Evolving Architecture – You don’t want it standing still, do ya?
  • Privacy Invaders – You mean Privacy Pirates?
  • Monorepos – I hope that’s not contagious
  • Leveraging Vendors – That’s what they are there for!
  • Governing Mistakes – Can you imagine letting them run wild?
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Tech Top 6 – Vendor Questions, Zero Trust

Argh! I can hear the impending end of the ITWN TT6, Still, Warren and I armor up and review another six of the week’s smartest IT articles.

This week we chat about:

  • West Coast Privacy – Like Swing, It’s A Bit Different
  • Zero Trust – C’mon, I’m not really lying!
  • Stakeholder Trust – They want trust too?
  • Effective Security – Because regular security falls short
  • Vendor Questions – What kind of game is this?
  • Edge Pitfalls – Pits come with edges, of course!
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