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Small World Big Data analyst Mike Matchett chats with Warren Avery, chief editor and publisher of IT Weekly Newsletter about Warren’s latest “top 6” tech articles selected from the always-free IT Weekly Newsletter. Each week the newsletter highlights 60-80 hype-free technology articles in over 40 categories hand-curated from 500+ reputable publications. Listen to two seasoned IT pros checking out the best of the best IT technology “how and why ”! Often entertaining, always enlightening.

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Tech Top 6 – BONUS INTERVIEW – Object Storage: Wise Guys Asking Smart Guy Why?

How fun is this? We’ve got a BONUS episode here in which Warren and Mike get to interview content object storage tech expert Sonny Halderman (@sonnyhalderman) all about Object Storage. Both Warren and Mike have worked at IT storage vendors so they aren’t (just) asking dummy questions. Sonny really knows his stuff!

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Tech Top 6 – Offensive AI is Getting Smarter, Are You?

We are not AI’s, but we think we’re getting smarter every week just by staying current with the IT Weekly Newsletter! ITWN Chief Editor Warren Avery and big-time IT Analyst Mike Matchett tear down this week’s top 6 IT tech articles. Oh, and please stop calling Mike an Oxymoron, ok?

  • Cyber Attack Types – Don’t fall for pretexting
  • Remote Work Security Tips – Cause home is where IT is at!
  • Data Architects – Having to live with it, might as well be designed
  • Cloud Security Threats – Do bad guys have to ruin everything?
  • IT Cost-Cutting – Tips for 2021 IT budgets
  • AI Spear-Phishing – Offensive AI for the Discerning Hacker

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Tech Top 6 – The Good, The Bad and The Oxymoronic

Avast Ye Maties! This week we Warren and I fancily spar over the latest top 6 IT tech articles for your professional development pleasure. Warren is the chief editor and curator for the IT Weekly Newsletter, and this week he’s brought along a cannon full of oxymoronic topics including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Ethical Hackers, Zero Trust Security and Good CISO’s. Thar be treasure in these waters!

  • Good or Successful CISOs – Only the good die young
  • Identity Governance What? – Just who do you think I am?
  • Zero Trust Security – Yeah, we shouldn’t trust that either
  • Dynamic Cloud Migration – Because clouds are a moving target
  • Hiring Pirates – Is that really a good idea?
  • Psych Work Safety – Cause it’s not all in your head

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