Tech Top 6 – Final Episode – Good Luck Warren!

Tech Top 6 – Final Episode – Good Luck Warren!

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We are here? At the end of the line? This is the last episode of the IT Weekly Newsletter TT6? Yep, Warren is retiring. Actually retiring this time. Or so he says. How old is he really? Listen and find out!

Wow. Warren and I recorded over 67 podcast sessions! On review, it seems only about half or our recordings were professionally produced and actually released to the public. Which means there are another 30+ older episodes idly sitting in storage. That could be a project for some year or two in which the entire population of the planet gets stuck inside quarantining again – – nah! That will never happen… We are moving on!

Let us know here at TT6, Flying Pig audio and Small World Big Data if there is a techy IT podcast that you’d like to hear. Or if you might like to sponsor the next incarnation of our professional IT take on the world.

You can still follow the TechTop6 in your favorite podcast directory and we’ll keep you up to date on any future TT6 or TT6-like content. It’s definitely not too late to give us a great rating if you liked what you hear on TT6 (Cmon! Lots of stars for Warren!).