New Research – 2022-23 TOP 5 Storage for Life Sciences

New Research – 2022-23 TOP 5 Storage for Life Sciences

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This week our first DCIG TOP 5 report has been published! You can read the overview from the report here 2022-2023 DCIG TOP 5 Storage for Life Sciences. Note that this report does not purport to explicitly rank or disqualify storage solutions, but it does showcase the top vendor solutions according to our detailed survey and scoring rubric for this industry. In other words, we think these solutions deserve to be on your evaluation short list if you are in the market for Life Sciences storage.

Congratulations to DDN Exascaler, IBM Spectrum Scale, Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform, Quobyte and VAST Data Universal Storage!

DCIG is well known for publishing analyst reports that evaluate and spotlight IT storage solutions with a specialty focus on data protection for enterprises of varying sizes. Last year DCIG asked if I would be interested in helping research storage solutions in some specific and specifically storage-challenging industry verticals like Life Sciences, Healthcare and Financial. Storage in these markets needs to serve really big data volumes, deliver HPC-class performance, scale tremendously and be reasonable for elite organizations to manage and operate.

After a deep look into the current DCIG TOP 5 survey and research process to make sure we understood and agreed with the methodology and statistical soundness, I agreed to dive into a first collaboration on Life Sciences & Healthcare. I’ve had a lot of fun as a consulting analyst with Ken Clipperton and the DCIG team assembling custom focused solution surveys, talking with all the relevant vendors in-depth on their industry-specific offerings and experiences, and pulling together the final reports.

Personally, I’m still a bit amazed that our approach sorted up both the recognized leaders in HPC parallel file systems and some really exciting and ground-breaking challengers. If you want to learn about what it takes to make the world’s most cutting edge storage, be sure to read the profiles in the full report about each of these solutions.

Our next report on the top storage for Healthcare is due out next week, so stay tuned!

Our next report on storage for Healthcare is due for release next week, so stay tuned…