DynamicOps Extends Cloud Capabilities

(Excerpt from original post on the Taneja Group News Blog)

DynamicOps enables businesses to create sophisticated private and hybrid clouds on their own while avoiding vendor lock-in. Lock-in is a serious issue in today‚Äôs move to the cloud, and should give pause to any company planning on going with an outside vendor. However, by building their own cloud, businesses have to spend more resources and time than they would signing up with a cloud vendor. A privately built cloud may well offer much greater value but the more help the enterprise has for building, customizing and managing, the better return on the resource investment they’ll get.

DynamicOps adds more value to the private cloud by integrating and extending cloud delivery workflows across existing resources, processes, and system management tools. The vendor has added new private/hybrid cloud extensibility features to DynamicOps Cloud Suite and Cloud Development Kit, which offers customizable self-service portals, better workflow editing tools, new developer tools and a larger activity library.

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