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New Research – 2022-23 TOP 5 Storage for Life Sciences

This week our first DCIG TOP 5 report has been published! You can read the overview from the report here 2022-2023 DCIG TOP 5 Storage for Life Sciences. Note that this report does not purport to explicitly rank or …

Storage Tiers or Tears?

I always enjoy reading StorageNewsletter and in particular the insights of Philippe Nicolas. His recent article on Storage Tiering (“Tier or Not Tier”) is a fairly complete overview of the history of the companies involved and the broad technical evolution …

Insights In Black and White

From everything we hear here at Small World Big Data, many of you prefer our analyst video content, but still many of you are also fans (I’m humbled even writing that much!) of my analyst writings – both in-depth reports …

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Announcing New Competitive Market Research with Jeff Byrne

I don’t mean we are competing with other market research (although we clearly do), but here at Small World Big Data we are extremely pleased to be working again with Jeff Byrne on hard-core market research for competitive marketing needs. …

HyperConverged v.s. Hybrid Cloud

Has someone been telling you that HyperConverged Infrastructure, known as HCI, is the same thing as Hybrid Cloud infrastructure? Yeah? Well, no, it’s not. I just published a longer article on how they are related (and are also very different) …

The Winner’s Problem – Technical Legacies and Legacy Technology

Part 3 in a series of posts about Data Protection as a Service… (Also posted on Cobalt Iron’s blog)

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