VMware Expands to Heterogeneous Clouds with DynamicOps Acquisition

VMware Expands to Heterogeneous Clouds with DynamicOps Acquisition

(Excerpt from original post on the Taneja Group News Blog)

We’ve been fans of DynamicOps for the simple reason that they can take whatever virtual and physical IT infrastructure that organizations already have deployed and turn it all into a full-up private cloud. They seem to work with almost every existing system management solution too, providing just the right higher level bits needed to bring existing orchestration, config, and systems management into a holistic cloud delivery architecture.

By bringing DynamicOps into its portfolio, VMware may be single-handedly causing a watershed moment for private cloud adoption — if not a full-blown IT cloud revolution. We may look back on this acquisition and count it no less significant than VMware’s server virtualization itself. At a minimum, by enabling private/hybrid clouds over existing infrastructure everywhere, VMware can expect associated vSphere adoption to ramp up while increasing VMware’s relevance to the complete end-to-end IT enterprise.

As a smaller company, DynamicOps may have faced an uphill battle with larger enterprises to convince them they could sit at the top of the stack “of everything” and really deliver. But as a VMware solution that obstacle is removed. Watch out world, IT is going to get cloudy!

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