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What’s a Software Defined Data Center? – Pensa Aims Really High

This week Pensa came out of their stealthy development phase to announce the launch of their company and their Pensa Maestro cloud-based (SaaS) platform, accessible today through an initial service offering called Pensa Lab. The technology here has great …

‘Software-defined’ to define data center of the future

An IT industry analyst article published by SearchDataCenter.

Software-defined means many — sometimes conflicting — things to many people. At the core, it means letting the application control its resources.

Is there a real answer for how “software” can define …

Converging Facilities and Systems Management – Controlling Energy in the Data Center

(Excerpt from original post on the Taneja Group News Blog)

Looking back over 2012, it has really been the year of convergence. IT resource domain silos have been breaking down in favor of more coherent, cohesive, and unified architectures that …