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How does flash storage impact predictive analytics?

First – Does flash storage really impact a business’s predictive analytics applications?

Then – How exactly?


How does flash storage impact predictive analytics? (with transcript)

What’s the effect of AI and Machine Learning on IT?

Here’s another video quick take on AI and Machine Learning.

Watch this to hear about how Machine Learning is starting to seriously impact IT, both from a user workload perspective, and now as it’s being used in IT systems management.…

Secondary Storage in a Primary Role !?

Hey all! – This is the first of what I hope will be many little topical quick video segments, working with Dave Littman over at Truth In IT to get them recorded, produced and published.

In this one we discuss …

Follow That Transaction! APM Across Clouds

It’s one thing to stand up a new cloud-native application, but it’s impossible to manage end-to-end performance using the same approaches and tooling we’ve long used in the data center.

I’m hearing a lot about transitional “new” cloud-native applications that …

What’s a Software Defined Data Center? – Pensa Aims Really High

This week Pensa came out of their stealthy development phase to announce the launch of their company and their Pensa Maestro cloud-based (SaaS) platform, accessible today through an initial service offering called Pensa Lab. The technology here has great …

What’s a Multi-cloud Really?  Some Insider Notes from VMworld 2017

(Excerpt from original post on the Taneja Group News Blog)

As comfortable 65-70 degree weather blankets New England here as we near end of summer, flying into Las Vegas for VMworld at 110 degrees seemed like dropping into hell. Last …