Announcing New Competitive Market Research with Jeff Byrne

Announcing New Competitive Market Research with Jeff Byrne

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I don’t mean we are competing with other market research (although we clearly do), but here at Small World Big Data we are extremely pleased to be working again with Jeff Byrne on hard-core market research for competitive marketing needs. Welcome Jeff!

Jeff Byrne and I worked together for many years at Taneja Group on large multi-client (and some single client!) research projects. The tag teaming we would do on survey design, numerical analysis, and interpretation/presentation was superb, and our clients would always charge off having been “filled up” by our firehouse of results long before we felt we had exhausted the depths of our research data mine.

And now we are back in action! I had planned some overarching Small World Big Data research themes (you can find some of them here), but we will be revising and sharpening our focus as we roll into 2021. First up, and ready for sponsorship discussion, is a multi-client sponsorship opportunity for our 2021 Work From Home, Work From Anywhere survey.

We already have published two recent short surveys on the topic (free reports here and here). And obviously most of us have been working from home so a lot of the predictions and impacts of WFH didn’t take a lot of digging to figure out. But now it’s time to dive deeper, and create that crystal ball as to what is really going to happen next! What will IT need to prepare for, what are they hearing from their users, what game changing tectonic shifts might already be in the works that will impact IT, WFH users, and solution vendors?

Stay tuned, because Jeff and I are going to find out!