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Nyriad: Data Storage with GPU-Accelerated Architecture

Andrew Russell of Nyriad delves into the innovative realm of GPU-accelerated data storage with Mike Matchett, Principal Analyst at Small World Big Data. Nyriad has transformed traditional storage concepts by integrating GPUs for efficient data processi…

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Navigating Contact Center Migration: Top Lessons for Seamless Transition and Innovation

Learn about how to migrate your contact center through Intervision backed by AWS. In this clip we discuss the impact of AI, CRM and employees when undertaking a migration to a modern, cloud based contact center.

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Vcinity: Unlocking Data Potential Without Movement

This discussion with analyst Mike Matchett and Vcinity CEO Harry Carr unveils how Vcinity's advanced technology, with roots in government-grade data transfer, is now accessible to the commercial sector, offering unprecedented speed and security for re…

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Datamotive: Streamlining Multi-Cloud Workload Portability

As organizations increasingly adopt hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, the challenge of moving workloads seamlessly across different cloud environments has become paramount. Datamotive addresses this challenge head-on by offering a solution that ensure…

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Runecast's Approach to Secure, Compliant Workloads in Hybrid IT

Markus Strauss of Runecast delves into the evolving IT workload security and compliance landscape. The discussion highlights Runecast's innovative approach to managing and securing workloads, regardless of location, in increasingly hybrid IT environme…

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Qumulo: Setting the Standard for Exabyte-Scale Hybrid Storage Solutions

Qumulo, known for its software-defined storage on commodity hardware and cloud-native capabilities, is at the forefront of addressing the needs for geo-dispersion and management of geographically dispersed data. This session highlights Qumulo's latest…

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