Tech Top 6 – Privacy Invaders and Monorepos

Tech Top 6 – Privacy Invaders and Monorepos

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What’s that? This is the last regular episode of TT6? Warren retires in the next episode? Aargh! Well, buck up! Warren and I are at it one last time reviewing the best six of the week’s top curated IT articles. You want more, you’ll have to beg (well, at least comment below…)

This week we bandy about:

  • Contract Lifecycles – The ending really matters
  • Evolving Architecture – You don’t want it standing still, do ya?
  • Privacy Invaders – You mean Privacy Pirates?
  • Monorepos – I hope that’s not contagious
  • Leveraging Vendors – That’s what they are there for!
  • Governing Mistakes – Can you imagine letting them run wild?

Omigosh, this is the next to final episode of the ITWN TT6 (in this form)! Next time we sit down more personably with Warren and chat about all things IT, his long career and future plans. All comments and words of sympathy or suggestions for what he can do with all the free time can be submitted right here on this secure form, and we’ll keep it just between us.

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