Tech Top 6 – Vendor Questions, Zero Trust

Tech Top 6 – Vendor Questions, Zero Trust

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Argh! I can hear the impending end of the ITWN TT6 (only two more episodes after this one!), Still, Warren and I armor up and review another six of the week’s smartest IT articles. You don’t like wading through vendor hype? This is your place!

This week we chat about:

  • West Coast Privacy – Like Swing, It’s A Bit Different
  • Zero Trust – C’mon, I’m not really lying!
  • Stakeholder Trust – They want trust too?
  • Effective Security – Because regular security falls short
  • Vendor Questions – What kind of game is this?
  • Edge Pitfalls – Pits come with edges, of course!

*Note: For some reason this week’s session experienced sub-par audio recording. We blame the internets…

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