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New Research – 2022-23 TOP 5 Storage for Life Sciences

This week our first DCIG TOP 5 report has been published! You can read the overview from the report here 2022-2023 DCIG TOP 5 Storage for Life Sciences. Note that this report does not purport to explicitly rank or …

Storage Tiers or Tears?

I always enjoy reading StorageNewsletter and in particular the insights of Philippe Nicolas. His recent article on Storage Tiering (“Tier or Not Tier”) is a fairly complete overview of the history of the companies involved and the broad technical evolution …

Insights In Black and White

From everything we hear here at Small World Big Data, many of you prefer our analyst video content, but still many of you are also fans (I’m humbled even writing that much!) of my analyst writings – both in-depth reports …

BlueCat: Managing DNS, DHCP, IPAM

Interview with Andrew Wertkin, CPO of BlueCat Networks. BlueCat is focused on on DNS, DHCP and IPAM: DDI, the acronym of acronyms. These these three things fundamentally go together and managing them together makes a great deal of sense. BlueCat …

Verified Backups: Reliable restores for in-flux databases

Are you verifying the integrity of your databases or just ritualistically restoring them? How do you know if your backups will have what you need when you need them?

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The DDN/Tintri Marriage: Where enterprise meets at-scale

Can a mid-range HPC product for the enterprise also be a secondary storage / active archive for at-scale customers? DDN discusses the flexibility of having enterprise features and applying them in a more intelligent way at-scale.

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