Is Cloud Content Collaboration Safe? – Huddle Gets Security Nod From U.S. Gov

Is Cloud Content Collaboration Safe? – Huddle Gets Security Nod From U.S. Gov

(Excerpt from original post on the Taneja Group News Blog)

Companies are worried about corporate data being uploaded by employees to personal public cloud storage and collaboration sites like Dropbox or Google Docs. There is no doubt that users want online content collaboration that makes file-sharing as easy as drag and drop. At the same time, IT needs to retain full data governance including controls for access, audit, and locatabilty (and often assure compliance).  And while there are a number of ways for companies to build and offer their own internal “secure” private file sharing clouds like VMware’s Project Octopus, not to mention full-blown MS Sharepoint, these put IT in the position of building and operating internal services that are challenged to match the easy usabilty, “everywhere” accessibility, and competitive cost of online SaaS solutions. The results of internally built collaboration projects are often as frustrating to manage for IT as they are for their users to use (and then more data sneaks online).

We met with fast-growing content collaboration service provider Huddle recently and came away impressed with the security hurdles they’ve managed to leap with their online collaboration platform, garnering not only validation from the U.K. government, but now also with the U.S. by way of a partnership with In-Q-Tel, the non-profit that invests in R+D on behalf of U.S. intelligence agencies. If they can help Homeland Security share content online safely, securely, and even intelligently with the kinds of collaboration features that corporate business warriors demand on all their devices these days, then enterprise IT shops are going to quickly take notice.  

Huddle claims to:

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