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The Advent of Big Data

(Excerpt from original post on the Taneja Group News Blog)

The advent of the era of “Big Data” presents a real new opportunity to accelerate business, improve government, and even enrich our personal lives in ways we have just begun …

Amazon Defines Big Data As Big Opportunity

(Excerpt from original post on the Taneja Group News Blog)

Today I had the opportunity to hear about Amazon’s Big Data solutions at an Amazon Web Services Big Data Summit here in Boston. At this event crowded with local tech …

Data Stream Mining with Cube

Time-series data analysis can be approached in two ways. Traditionally time-series data is aggregated into partitioned historical data bases, and then reported on at scheduled intervals. Commonly, reports delivered today cover data collected yesterday. A modern (and perhaps most relevant …

What is the Question?

The answer I’m sure is innovation.

Practically the first thing to do is figure out the questions to ask. Don’t stick to just questions that are hanging out there already needing to be answered, but create new questions that …

Why Didn’t We Already Find What We’re Looking For?

What we primarily look for in data is to make sense of it – find summaries and statistics to help inform analytical decision-making or discover patterns and stories creating new insights into the larger world behind the data.

This should …

Big Data Analytics – Intelligence for Disruption

Taken together, the V-word characteristics of Big Data both identify and shape the kinds of innovative solutions that can be created from Big Data opportunities.  These solutions will tend to provide intelligence more than absolute truth.

Disruption is the Real