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How can you avoid vendor lock-in in your cloud strategy? w. Zerto

Video Summary: CIO's are actively pursuing strategies to leverage public cloud so they achieve maximum flexibility. The flexibility to choose which provider and to migrate between providers is paramount. In this short video podcast, Zerto explains how…

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How to securely manage endpoints in hospital environments w. @Igel_Technology

Because healthcare has such tremendous disparity in endpoints and because healthcare data has become so valuable for hackers, endpoint security in these environments is critical. In this short video podcast, we speak to IGEL and learn why their archite…


How do trends in primary storage affect secondary storage? w. Igneous Systems

Join Mike Matchett and Steve Pao of Igneous Systems ( for this brief chat about why as primary storage increases in value to the enterprise…so does secondary storage. Making the infrastructure agile means optimizing both tiers…and sc…

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