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Why Facebook and the NSA love graph databases

An IT industry analyst article published by SearchDataCenter.

Graph databases play six degrees of separation to find real connections. See how IT teams can use the database approach for businesses.

Is there a benefit to understanding how your users, suppliers …

Internet of Things data will boost storage

An IT industry analyst article published by SearchStorage.

IT departments can benefit from its storage vendors eavesdropping on their arrays.

Tired of big data stories? Unfortunately, they’re not likely to stop anytime soon, especially from vendors hoping to re-ignite your …

EMC Charts An Intelligent Path Through The Hedges: More ViPR, Flash And Big Data

(Excerpt from original post on the Taneja Group News Blog)

After the big gush and splash of days in Vegas at EMCWorld 2014, we have had a few days to chew on the news and have come up with some …

Turn to in-memory processing when performance matters

An IT industry analyst article published by SearchDataCenter.

In-memory processing is faster, and vendors are innovating to make in-memory database technology cheaper and better.

In-memory processing can improve data mining and analysis, and other dynamic data processing uses. When considering …

The Internet of Things and Beyond: 5 Things We’ll Be Tracking for a Better Tomorrow

An IT industry analyst article published by Virtualization Review.

What the Internet of Things offers is this huge opportunity to build intelligent applications that can actively optimize and direct just about any system that is dynamically programmable. Here are the

Database performance tuning: Five ways for IT to save the day

An IT industry analyst article published by SearchDataCenter.

IT teams can play heroes when database performance issues disrupt applications. Try these five tips for performance tuning before there’s a problem.

When database performance takes a turn for the worse, IT …