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Stateless: Software Defined Interconnect…What is It?

Stateless software defined interconnect…what is it? And what does it allow you to do? Short answer is it really makes the whole idea of networking agile. And when you try to interconnect from, working at home to a datacenter…from one …

Clumio: Truth in Data Protection

      Steven Siegel of Clumio poses and answers 5 key questions anyone who's interested in cloud backup should be aware of.

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Asigra: Truth in Data Protection

        Discussion w. Eran Farajun of Asigra who explains how backup data is vulnerable to hacking and how their technology's Deep MFA and anomaly detection engines protect the backup repository.

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Arcserve: Truth in Data Protection

        Mathew Knutson of Arcserve describes how their solutions and services combat ransomware, protect O365 and how their partnership with Sophos enhances the overall security posture of your backup/recovery environment.

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Truth in Data Protection: Leaving It To The Experts

                                          More than ever, it’s crucial that companies find ways to further their cloud journey, to profitably use shared or hybrid architectures, and to maximally leverage cloud offerings and services to better manage an…

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FujiFilm: Update for Q3'20

Mike Matchett, CEO & Principal Analyst of Small World Big Data ( speaks with FujiFilm's Christopher Kehoe (VP Technical Sales) about Object Archive and why it's the new private Glacier enabling you to scale for massive archi…

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