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Leostream: Virtual and Remote Desktop Delivery

Karen Gondoly, CEO and VP of Product with Leostream, and Mike Matchett, Analyst with Small World Big Data, talk about how Leostream is empowering enterprises to build a better way to manage hybrid work.

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WalkMe: Push Digital Adoption with a “GPS for Software”

WalkMe bills itself as the “GPS for software” and takes a user-first approach to software adoption by streamlining the employee training and onboarding process with on-screen contextual guidance.

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Tachyum: Delivering the World's First Universal Processor

Tachyum released the world's first universal processor, Tachyum Prodigy, in May 2022, promising to increase microchip performance and dramatically reduce power consumption.

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Isima: Reduce Your Deployment Time From Weeks to Days

Isima’s bi(OS) converges data integration, data ops, real-time indexing, data governance, and more into one lean stack, integrating with your business's existing tools and hardware to deploy use cases into production in days.

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Speedscale: Using Realistic API Traffic to Test Apps Pre-Production

Having your customers test changes in your live app environment can have detrimental effects. Speedscale’s Traffic Replay saves customers the time and hassle of gathering accurate data by using actual API calls to create realistic testing environments.

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Nobl9: Software to Simplify Service Level Objectives

Nobl9 provides service-level management software that manages SLAs and defines and monitors SLOs, comparing a given system state against a baseline and providing alerts that are not only informative but actionable.

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