Tech Top 6 – Security From the Dogs

Tech Top 6 – Security From the Dogs

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As the IT Weekly Newsletter goes daily, chief editor Warren and I survey this week’s Top 6 hype-free IT tech articles:

  • Best VPN – First time? Start here…
  • Selling Disaster Recovery – Cause Sr Mgmt don’t always get IT
  • Cyber Resiliency– Gimme just five steps
  • Cloud Mapping – Because Unified Commumications (UC) makes it complicated
  • Dog Security – Lessons from the canines
  • DevOps for Databases – Isn’t agile DBA an oxymoron?

Question of the week – What IT lesson have you learned from the animal world? Pet, wild animal or fantasy familiar?
Give us your answer here and if it’s good we’ll feature it on next week’s episode!

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