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AI generated abstract image implying IT data stream aggregation to higher levels of value

The Best Way to Manage Future IT Data Growth is to Follow These Three Steps – (2/3)

This series of posts was originally going to be about the easiest data architecture and management steps to take, but no, none of these are easy. They are hard. Very hard in fact. But quite possible necessary. Let me know what

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Tech Top 6 – Can I REALLY Trust You?

Warren Avery and I wittily banter about the latest top IT Weekly Newsletter articles:

  • Zero Trust Standards
  • Saving Money with RPA
  • Data Health Check 2020
  • Tossing the WAN
  • What Telecom Costs
  • Analytics Mistakes

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Tech Top 6 – Hyper Careers and Foggy IPv6 – Bonus Episode

Warren and I chat about his latest top article picks:

  • Hyper Automation
  • Data Science Careers
  • CyberSecurity Careers
  • Fog Computing
  • Becoming an Analyst
  • IPv6 is Coming

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Tech Top 6 – Balancing Acts, Rocket Science and Leadership – Bonus Episode

Warren and I discuss cool tech articles somewhat about:

  • Balanced Portfolios
  • Math for Data Science
  • CyberSecurity Strategies
  • Automation Rocket Science
  • Leader Communication
  • Death of Hardware Storage

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Reap IT automation benefits in every layer of the stack

An IT industry analyst article published by SearchITOperations.

Automation technologies create an artificial brain for IT operations, but that won’t turn skilled admins and engineers into zombies — far from it.

Mike Matchett
Small World Big Data

As a technology …