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Strata Conference Takeaway: What is Pragmatic Machine Learning

Data scientists traditionally have used machine learning in a sandbox mode and generated really cool insights but limited operational and market value. That is changing and in this short video learn with Mike Matchett of Small World Big Data.


Operationalizing Data Scientists with Metis Machine

Data scientiests work on alot of very cool technologies, algorithms and code libraries and much of it incubates in research regardless of the industrial sector. In this short video learn about a platform data scientists can use to collaborate with …

Big Data: Your System of Action vs. Record

Big data platforms are becoming the landing place for data from a variety of ingest points. These platforms may not yet be creating or housing the businesse's system of record but they're fast on the way to doing so. In …

Big Data for Structured Data (Strata Conference Review)

Mike Matchett visits Strata Conference 2018 and gets a first hand glimpse into how big data platforms evolved into production platforms for structured data in real world applications.

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HPC for the Enterprise with DDN

High performance computing (HPC) is no longer just found in bioinformatics or astophysics labs. With all the data generated in artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT applications.

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Data Migration to the Cloud and Beyond with Attunity

It is one thing to spin up a cloud infrastructure but how do you get your transactional data there non-disruptively and non-invasively? How do you avoid batch oriented operations that can impact your production systems?

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