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Hammerspace: The Global Data Environment

Hammerspace is solving the decentralized data problem with a software solution that brings the data into a global high-performance parallel file system and makes the data available in a single namespace to remote users and applications

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MindsDB: The New Era of Machine Learning

Databases and data sources were not built with machine learning in mind, and ML frameworks were built for the researcher, leaving companies with having to take painful steps to get machine learning into production. MindsDB is focused on bridging these …

IntelliProp: Network Attached Memory

John Spiers, CEO with IntelliProp, and Mike Matchett, Analyst with Small World Big Data, dive into what is new with memory and how IntelliProp works with the CXL consortium leaders to develop the industry standard for data center accelerators.


Stratodesk: The Thin Client OS for Today’s Hybrid Workforce

Emanuel Pirker, CEO and Founder with Stratodesk breaks down the details of how Stratodesk delivers results to its customers with Mike Matchett, Analyst with Small World Big Data.

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OVHcloud: Cloud Options For You

“We are always trying to give our customers options so they can get the right solution for their business problem.” says Jeffrey Gregor, General Manager with OVHcloud. Mike Matchett, Analyst with Small World Big Data had the opportunity to talk …

Folio Photonics: Immutable Active Archive Storage

A new revolution in optical data storage is coming, and Folio Photonics is leading the way. Folio is creating higher-density optical storage to handle the data that needs to be preserved, searchable with random access, and immutable.

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