Tech Top 6 – Things You Wish You Knew

Tech Top 6 – Things You Wish You Knew

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Here is a brand new no-foolin’ episode of the TT6 in which Warren, chief editor of the IT Weekly Newsletter and I look at the week’s best published tech articles. Take advantage of our expert curation and even more expert commentary on those articles! And remember we are curmudgeons, so don’t feel like we are necessarily picking on anybody in particular!

In this latest episode:

  • Return To Office Security – Have we seen this movie before?
  • 20 Project Managements – There is always another way to get it done
  • IT Things To Know – Yeah, we all wish we knew these 11 things earlier
  • SOC’s Need These – Not feet, but security skills we can stand on
  • Boardroom Cyber Governance – You know, lots of boards still don’t get it
  • Resilient Engineering – Solid pillars to build your IT castle upon

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