Tech Top 6 – Bestest Strategies for IT, Freelancers and Hackers

Tech Top 6 – Bestest Strategies for IT, Freelancers and Hackers

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Hey All! Warren and I haven’t disappeared. Really! In fact we’ve just finished recording our 50th TT6 Episode. Unfortunately only half have been published for our mad raving fanbase (that’s you all!). What can we say? We have very high standards and top-notch production is very important to us. No audio shortcuts, no raw noise-filled ear pain for our audience. No way! Super-high quality production or nothing…

So, we are working on a better production path. Free isn’t cheap you know. Cross your fingers (and unplug your ears) and keep the faith friends. More TT6 is coming down the pike…

In this new episode Warren and I take our time and review a baker’s handful of the latest and greatest –

  • Multi-cloud Strategies – If it’s easy to use them, it’s easy to lose them
  • SLA Best Practices – Because there are worse ways to do it
  • Become a Hacker – Gotta learn something
  • Freelancing Compliance – Like Pirates at a Party
  • Cross Cloud Apps– Why Multi-cloud if you can’t Multi-host?
  • Critical IT Policies – Here’s hoping you have at least seven

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