Tech Top 6 – Ganes Kesari on AI and IT Still Looks Like 2020

Tech Top 6 – Ganes Kesari on AI and IT Still Looks Like 2020

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Hey folks! Why does 2021 not yet feel like an all new year yet? Maybe we all need to make an IT resolution to improve ourselves, our organizations, and our world… A great place to start is here every week with our always informative, entertaining and mostly professionally developing podcast! This week Warren and I invited Ganes Kesari to review his article on Covid and AI, plus 5 other great tech articles about:

  • Covid Helps AI/ML Progress – Maybe we are all getting a bit smarter
  • Cybersecurity Exercises – Playing with fire safely
  • CISO’s and Lawyers – General Counsels need to be schooled in security
  • Edge Computing Trends – 2021 bleeding trends including OpsDev!
  • Common Passwords Still Common – 12345 still isn’t a good password
  • Reasons To Hate The Cloud – Beware the Dark Cloud!

Question of the week – What is your password? Uh, no, what kind of cybersecurity exercise would you like run at your organization? What would be fun, informative, worth doing to really help move your organization forward?
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