Are You Making Money With Your Object Storage?

Are You Making Money With Your Object Storage?

An IT industry analyst article published by Infostor.

by Mike Matchett, Sr. Analyst and Consultant
Object storage has long been pigeon-holed as a necessary overhead expense for long-term archive storage—a data purgatory one step before tape or deletion. We have seen many IT shops view object storage as something exotic they have to implement to meet government regulations rather than as a competitive strategic asset that can help their businesses make money.

Normally, when companies invest in high-end IT assets like enterprise-class storage, they hope to recoup those investments in big ways. For example, they might accelerate the performance of market competitive applications or efficiently consolidate data centers. Maybe they are even starting to analyze big data to find better ways to run the business.

These kinds of “money-making” initiatives have been mainly associated with file and block types of storage—the primary storage commonly used to power databases, host office productivity applications, and build pools of shared resources for virtualization projects.

But that’s about to change.

If you’ve intentionally dismissed or just overlooked object storage, it is time to take deeper look. Today’s object storage provides brilliant capabilities for enhancing productivity, creating global platforms and developing new revenue streams.

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