Meta Networks Zero-Trust Software Defined Perimeter Developed as Alternative for the Enterprise VPN

Meta NaaS Software-Defined Perimeter provides secure access to hybrid network environments, taking cloud-based zero-trust networking to the next level with advanced security, management and operations.

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Legacy IT and Centralized IT Monitoring, with Opsview’s John Jainschigg

The complexity of systems that IT professionals must build and manage is skyrocketing. Opsview helps them gain better visibility and control. Check out this interview to learn what's new w. Opsview.

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Be Careful What You Automate

Part 7 in a series of posts about Data Protection as a Service. This is the first of two posts on automation… (Also posted on Cobalt Iron’s blog)

Mike Matchett, Small World Big Data

From breathing to paying bills, from good ideas to great habits — what’s better than automatic? Intelligent automation means never having to miss an opportunity, obligation, or requirement. When thinking about the best way to approach enterprise data backup, smart automation ranks high on our list of goals.

Automation is especially critical when dealing with the challenges of deploying limited expertise over a widening scale of mission-impacting data and the growing complexity of hybrid infrastructure. It really is a case today of sink or swim!

Inside any IT operation — but especially those concerned with availability, performance, or security — an ultimate goal really should be 100% automation. Some folks call this “autonomous operations.” Fully autonomous data protection always creeps just out of practical reach given the increasing volume of important data and emergence of new architectures and applications. Even if just to keep pace, the goal should always be to increase the level of operational automation.

Where to Start?

It is impossible to automate everything at once, so which parts should be addressed first? Automate any manual and continually repeated data protection task or responsibility, especially where human consistency (or lack thereof) affects reliability.

If someone has to stop and think about what they are doing each time they approach a repetitive task — remember key command details and gotchas, recall small steps and perform them in order, and never make a typo — there will be mistakes. When these kinds of tasks concern data protection, one or more mistakes eventually will prove quite costly to the business.

Automated Expertise

In cases in which full automation isn’t yet feasible, there is usually a smart way to automate away risk and provide intelligent, accelerating assistance. As in many IT disciplines, one can capture and encapsulate best practices, aggregate big data sets if need be, then leverage intelligent analytics to apply both ongoing learning and deep expert knowledge consistently.

Of course, it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of effort automating mediocre (or outdated) processes; that will just deliver worse results faster. Implementation of automation best practices requires experience and expertise. One must automate not only the right things but also maintain and evolve all automation over time. It’s not a static world, and automation that is hard-coded, embedded, and forgotten can become a thorny legacy problem later on when environments change and key assumptions no longer apply.

Read about Automation and Optimization With ADP

Existing practices might very well be those relied on to just get by, and they are not necessarily considered the best. There are probably big gaps and more exceptions than we want to admit. Again, keep in mind there is little point in automating poor practices. It is important to consider that the very best source of expert automation and ongoing maintenance may not be found in-house, particularly in smaller IT shops.

…(Continued in a second post that explores automation oversight.)

Cynet Provides Cybersecurity Threat Assessment for Risk Exposure Relative to Industry Peers

Cynet's free offering identifies critically exposed attack surfaces and provides actionable knowledge of attacks that are currently alive and active in the environment.

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Citrix Cloud Comes to Cisco HyperFlex

Citrix Cloud Comes to Cisco HyperFlex to create, manage, and deploy your corporate digital workspace with cloud flexibility in an on-prem solution. Learn about the modern , highly performant and cost-efficient state of VDI using the best of both hybrid cloud management and on-prem HCI infrastructure.

Analyst note – Unlike most of the other video interviews posted in this channel (10-12 min generally), this longer panel was recorded during a great webcast/demand gen event production leveraging webcams for the remote panel experts from Citrix and Cisco while I was perched in a full-on TV studio – professional sound, lighting and an expert (from NY even!) producer. The format was cool, the content was awesome, and the event was a great demand gen success!

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