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Life sometimes seems like a short ride on a large carousel. Should be fun, lots of things to look at, always in motion, but sometimes with a feeling that we’ve been here before (and will be again). Spend some time really looking and you can see more and more each time you circle¬† – or less and less as you internally get comfortable with your surroundings.

The visual metaphor of riding a white rabbit can be a way to remind ourselves to notice more and more by keeping us out of our comfort zone…

Small World

Small World refers to the hot crowded “flat” world we’ve come to populate. How does this new world work given our evolutionary origins? I’m inspired by behavioral economics, evolutionary psychology, psychology and neural sciences of creativity and thought, network effects, and of course genetics. Mix up irrational humans, globe spanning technology, and the dreams of all for a better future, and what do you get?

Just so you know – I’m resisting as hard as I can to insert that Disney song here… I wouldn’t want our heads filled with it for the rest of the day.

Big Data

Big Data is of course about big big data. Humongous volumes of data. So much that we aren’t just being overwhelmed by “information overload”, but that we now face a fundamental challenge to even distill information itself from all that data. It seems at once too much, and yet the opportunity to mine new insights, derive new kinds of actionable intelligence, create new business ventures, and improve quality of life for all is just at our fingertips. A few keystrokes and even the newest student of computing can be cloud processing the answers to life, the universe, and everything.

Together, “Small World Big Data” reminds me of comedian Steven Wright‘s one liner¬† – “Even though it’s a small world, I still wouldn’t want to paint it!”

Art and Photos on This Site

I plan to derive the site theme images and photos from this single picture I took of a carousel at the Franklin Park Zoo, Boston Ma. The more I look at this picture, zoom in and out, and crop different scenes, visual metaphors that suggest and illustrate the concepts of a small world with big data just keep jumping out.

Carousel at Franklin Park Zoo

About the Author, Me – Mike Matchett

I think we are living in the most interesting times there ever have been. And it’s not clear if that’s a blessing or a curse!

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