Unifying Big Data Through Virtualized Data Services – Iguaz.io Rewrites the Storage Stack

(Excerpt from original post on the Taneja Group News Blog)

One of the more interesting new companies to arrive on the big data storage scene is iguaz.io. The iguaz.io team has designed a whole new, purpose-built storage stack that can store and serve the same master data in multiple formats, at high performance and in parallel streaming speeds to multiple different kinds of big data applications. This promises to obliterate the current spaghetti data flows with many moving parts, numerous transformation and copy steps, and Frankenstein architectures required to currently stitch together increasingly complex big data workflows. We’ve seen enterprises need to build environments that commonly span from streaming ingest and real time processing through interactive query and into larger data lake and historical archive based analysis, and end up making multiple data copies in multiple storage formats in multiple storage services.

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