Big Data Appliance Wrapped Up for the Enterprise

(Excerpt from original post on the Taneja Group News Blog)

Here we are in Santa Clara eagerly awaiting Strata tomorrow and a slew of new of Big Data solutions. Hadoop’s R+D infant years are passing, and now it is of the age where vendors are truly adding value for the enterprise IT shop.  Clearly the theme is to wrap up low level complexities into higher value solutions. One standout announcement this week is DDN’s hScaler appliance – a monster of a Hadoop machine. You might be thinking that a high-end appliance built from supercomputer class storage hardware runs completely counter to the point of doing analytics on the cheap commodity infrastructure Hadoop was originally designed for. Yet DDN claims it can get the job done with a lot lower TCO than rolling your own from components – and the do all the hard infrastructure work for you.

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